Lefty is Xander’s other grandpa.  While he’s closer to Pops, who is much more of a nurturer, he loves him some Lefty as well.

My great-grandfather was nicknamed Lefty and actually played some semi-professional baseball.  While he died before I could get to know him really well, I liked the idea of having his memory in my book.  The Sugarbeet Falls character Lefty is more of a loose idea of a sort of older and lazier Dr. Cox from the television show Scrubs.  He’s kind of just an ol’ malcontent but really for no reason, and when push comes to shove, he has a huge heart and love for his family.

In the book there are a lot of fabulous athletes from Sugarbeet Falls.  Coach Clark, Lefty, Leo, Grace, Xander, and Aaron are all former or future stars.  I’m sure the residents of the small town have enjoyed watching high school sports for a long time.


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