Pops is my favorite character.  Partly because my kids call my dad Pops which makes it ultra personal, but also because I fashioned him as a cross between a couple of my favorite real life characters.  Do you think any other literary character is a cross between Bill Walton and Howard Stern?  Throw in a little of my own father, and there you have Pops.  Eating healthy and loving the earth but with a quick wit and sassy side that makes him fun and interesting.

Pops has an interesting run in Volume 1.  As the story continues though, all of his personality traits become more evident and enjoyable.  In the Sugarbeet Falls movie that I always daydream about, I want Howard Stern to play Pops by doing his best to act like Bill Walton.  It might not work, but it would be darn fun to watch.

If you get a chance to read Sugarbeet Falls, enjoy Pops.  I certainly do.

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