Posted by Ryan Acra on November 30, 2017


Getting a new shipment of books is such a writer nerd holiday!

Sugarbeet Falls Volume 2 is officially here in all of its glory.  It has been available on Amazon, and I had a proof copy, but now we have actual inventory I can get out for others to read.  It really is a rush.  It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of a book written by my and read by others.

The next undertaking is a series of younger grade chapter books and comics to go along with the two novels while I work on Volume 3.

Volume 2 is a lot of fun.  I just finished re-reading it for the millionth time and I still get into the battles that happen on a variety of courts, field, and other sports/leisure related locales.  In this book, Xander and his human pals have to go help the beings that usually visit him as superheroes.  They must battle some ne’er do wells in a variety of competitions with the loser of each being eliminated.  Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but instead of the factory, they go to LumpaLand.

If you need a fun read, check it out.  Regardless of if you do take a look at Volume 2, keep reading, its a blast.


Posted by Ryan Acra on November 29, 2017

Reading With The Tykes

Happy Wednesday!

I’m making my 932nd attempt at ending my addiction to diet soda this week.  I’m on day two and while I’m a pretty easy going fella, I kind of hate everyone.   I hope this is just an early phase of the soda kicking stages of withdrawal.

Since I have been calling myself an actual writer, and more recently since I’ve been calling myself a publisher, I have been researching reading to kids.  There is an endless amount of information out there and it really is amazing how much reading helps kids in school and in their futures.  It kind of gives me the warm and fuzzies to know that a few kids and families are using my books to that end.

Based on that, I have started a challenge for myself, and I want to extend it to all of my readers.  When there is any sort of downtime with the family and you reach for your phone, stop yourself, and tell your kids to grab a book to read.  Whatever was on your phone will wait 10-20 minutes for you to read a bit with the small ones.

Think of it as an investment.  If your kids really perform to the data levels you can find all over the interweb you will be giving them the chance to get better jobs thus getting you better Christmas presents later in life.  Who wouldn’t read a couple of chapters about funny superheroes now to get a Jaguar in 15 years?

Let me know if it works.

Peace and love, peace and love.

I love this…I will always sign autographs though.  I’m not as busy as Ringo.


Posted by Ryan Acra on November 29, 2017

We’re Officially A Series!

Sugarbeet Falls – Volume 2 – The Duel

I am so pumped.  After a long, long, looong process of working to get my book finished and published through our new publishing company (, I’m finally back to writing for fun again.  Don’t get me wrong, the process of finishing a book is a blast, but its more of a work blast than fun blast.

I’m excited to talk about my adventures with this second book, and I have some visits in the works already.  Students will get to use their creative powers whether they’ve heard me before or not.  We will still create superheroes, but in this book, Xander and his friends have to compete in some wild sports and games so we will add that wrinkle to the fun.

It will be a blast.  As always, if you’re interested in having us come visit your class or school, don’t hesitate to reach out.

See ya soon!

Posted by Ryan Acra on January 23, 2017

School Talks

Meadowlark 6th Grade Hero - Watermelon Woman, and Villain - Death Strike
Meadowlark 6th Grade Hero – Watermelon Woman, and Villain – Death Strike
Meadowlark Fifth Grade Heroes - Tazmanian Devil Woman and Plungerino
Meadowlark Fifth Grade Heroes – Tazmanian Devil Woman and Plungerino


I love to talk to kids about creativity.  All of my favorite teachers growing up were the ones that loved creativity, even if the assignment wasn’t perfectly met, a crazy fun writing idea got a little bit of extra attention.

In my chats with the fifth and sixth grades at Meadowlark elementary in Great Falls, I tried to get the kids to really think outside of what they’re used to.  They work together to create a brand new superhero, then I help a couple of volunteers come up with a story about how their new heroes handle a situation I come up with.  Some of the kids are so creative I can only hope they stick with writing.  Others are a little more timid, but we have a blast either way!

If you have a group or class and would like some new blood to come in and kill an 45 minutes or so, let me know.  I would love to continue the fun!!



Posted by Ryan Acra on January 19, 2017


Meet Dab.  He is the invention of Miss Martinich's kindergarten class at Meadowlark Elementary in Great Falls, MT.
Meet Dab. He is the invention of Miss Martinich’s kindergarten class at Meadowlark Elementary in Great Falls, MT.


My first classroom chat was a blast.  I had the time of my life chatting with the Kindergarteners at Meadowlark school here in Great Falls.  They are hilarious.  I talked a little about creativity in general, read a few pages from the book, then we all worked together to create Dab!  He is a superhero the likes of which can only be born from the minds of kindergarteners.

I can see why authors that get agents and big publishers enjoy that world.  I could do what I did today every day for the rest of my life without it ever getting boring.  Kids crack me up.  At the end of my talk today I got the entire class to give me a dab goodbye.

I hope I get to do things like this a lot more often in the future.