Reading With The Tykes

Happy Wednesday!

I’m making my 932nd attempt at ending my addiction to diet soda this week.  I’m on day two and while I’m a pretty easy going fella, I kind of hate everyone.   I hope this is just an early phase of the soda kicking stages of withdrawal.

Since I have been calling myself an actual writer, and more recently since I’ve been calling myself a publisher, I have been researching reading to kids.  There is an endless amount of information out there and it really is amazing how much reading helps kids in school and in their futures.  It kind of gives me the warm and fuzzies to know that a few kids and families are using my books to that end.

Based on that, I have started a challenge for myself, and I want to extend it to all of my readers.  When there is any sort of downtime with the family and you reach for your phone, stop yourself, and tell your kids to grab a book to read.  Whatever was on your phone will wait 10-20 minutes for you to read a bit with the small ones.

Think of it as an investment.  If your kids really perform to the data levels you can find all over the interweb you will be giving them the chance to get better jobs thus getting you better Christmas presents later in life.  Who wouldn’t read a couple of chapters about funny superheroes now to get a Jaguar in 15 years?

Let me know if it works.

Peace and love, peace and love.

I love this…I will always sign autographs though.  I’m not as busy as Ringo.


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