Signed Books!

When I started the process of writing Sugarbeet Falls I kind of just wanted to see if I could actually write an entire book.  When I finished, I was thrilled.  My dad and my mother-in-law both read it and were impressed (if perhaps a bit biased).  After that I decided to try to find an agent, then it wasn’t fun for a while.  The query process was long and arduous, and literally no agent would even read the book.  I would honestly have preferred negative feedback to just hearing nothing at all.  Almost 10 years later I decided to bite the bullet and self-publish.  While I am not yet sure of the ultimate intelligence of that decision, there are some aspects that are super-fun!

Holding my actual book in my hands and seeing it on shelves is amazing, and knowing that a few libraries have already put the Dewey decimal system numbers on it is exciting, but my favorite part so far is signing books and meeting people.  I have been practicing my signature since jr. high, but that was mostly because I was planning on playing for the Lakers.  When that didn’t happen I sort of gave up the practice.  Now having people ask me to sign their books and talk about my creative process is giving me a joyful experience different from any others I’ve had.  Other than my children, who can probably thank their mother for most of their best traits, this book is something I created and actually take some pride in.

So if you don’t think my ink would ruin an otherwise enjoyable book.  I’d love to sign one for you.  Here’s the link.


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