The Sugarbeet Falls Team

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Xander Zackery is our main dude.  He's given the gift of a lifetime when his grandfather gave him a bunch of old books that allows him to conjure up superheroes with any power he can imagine!




Parker is a basset hound.  Basset hounds are an interesting breed.  Xander's best puppy pal is always good for a random howl of approval in response to the heroes that arrive in the small town of Sugarbeet Falls.




Aaron Bird Feather is a superstar athlete, especially among sixth graders in Sugarbeet Falls.  He is also Xander's best human friend.  He is one of the few people who know about the superheroes Xander can create.  He likes to suggest interesting hero ideas.




Skeeter is Xander's other best friend.  She just happens to be a girl, Xander likes her anyway.  She is also the voice of reason among the group.




Alex 'Pops' Walter is the tallest guy in Sugarbeet Falls.  He's also the wise grandpa who gave Xander his power to make up real superheroes.




Lefty is Xander's other grandpa.  He used to play professional baseball, and he loves the fact that he used to play professional baseball.  In fact, he watches his old game films constantly.




Leo Zackery is a nurse at Braffington Hospital in Sugarbeet Falls.  He is also Xander's dad.  Leo works hard and still struggles with the fact that his beautiful wife Grace passed away at such a young age.



The Bathroom Manager

BM is the first superhero Xander meets.  Xander has a badly broken leg and finds himself on the toilet with no toilet paper.  He writes in his journal that he wishes there was a superhero who was blind so he couldn't see anything awkward, that superhero could deftly change toilet paper rolls.  Suddenly, BM appears!!

“This book is meant to bring together everyone who loves to read, laugh, and have fun.  It also doesn't hurt if you love superheroes, and hate when the toilet paper roll is left empty.”


Ryan Acra

Guy Who Wrote The Book