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Pops is my favorite character.  Partly because my kids call my dad Pops which makes it ultra personal, but also because I fashioned him as a cross between a couple of my favorite real life characters.  Do you think any other literary character is a cross between Bill Walton and Howard Stern?  Throw in a little of my own father, and there you have Pops.  Eating healthy and loving the earth but with a quick wit and sassy side that makes him fun and interesting.

Pops has an interesting run in Volume 1.  As the story continues though, all of his personality traits become more evident and enjoyable.  In the Sugarbeet Falls movie that I always daydream about, I want Howard Stern to play Pops by doing his best to act like Bill Walton.  It might not work, but it would be darn fun to watch.

If you get a chance to read Sugarbeet Falls, enjoy Pops.  I certainly do.

Posted by Ryan Acra on January 4, 2017

Signed Books!

When I started the process of writing Sugarbeet Falls I kind of just wanted to see if I could actually write an entire book.  When I finished, I was thrilled.  My dad and my mother-in-law both read it and were impressed (if perhaps a bit biased).  After that I decided to try to find an agent, then it wasn’t fun for a while.  The query process was long and arduous, and literally no agent would even read the book.  I would honestly have preferred negative feedback to just hearing nothing at all.  Almost 10 years later I decided to bite the bullet and self-publish.  While I am not yet sure of the ultimate intelligence of that decision, there are some aspects that are super-fun!

Holding my actual book in my hands and seeing it on shelves is amazing, and knowing that a few libraries have already put the Dewey decimal system numbers on it is exciting, but my favorite part so far is signing books and meeting people.  I have been practicing my signature since jr. high, but that was mostly because I was planning on playing for the Lakers.  When that didn’t happen I sort of gave up the practice.  Now having people ask me to sign their books and talk about my creative process is giving me a joyful experience different from any others I’ve had.  Other than my children, who can probably thank their mother for most of their best traits, this book is something I created and actually take some pride in.

So if you don’t think my ink would ruin an otherwise enjoyable book.  I’d love to sign one for you.  Here’s the link.


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Xander Zackery – Sixth Grade

There has been a little feedback asking about how and why I came up with the characters I did for Sugarbeet Falls.  I can honestly say each of them have some sort of relationship with someone in my life.

Xander is the easiest.  He’s based on my son Zack.  Zack gave me the idea for the series after I watched him pretend to be different superheroes for an entire summer.  He was never the traditional ones.  He would run around at night as “The Nothing,” an ivisible hero who saved people without them even knowing it. He would always be some sort of fish man when we were swimming in the pool, or a hyper-jumping lizard creature at the grocery store as he bounced from colored square to colored square.

I always thought it would be so cool if any of these characters could come to life for him in print or on film so he could literally see what he had constantly going on in his mind.  The idea was to write a book a year to loosely follow  his life as he grew up.  I started right on time, but by the time I got Volume 1 published, he is a 20 year old adult living in San Diego sneaking into San Diego State Football parties (that won’t make it into the next book).




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Last night I got to open a box of books.  They were all the exact same book, but it was one of the coolest package openings I can remember.  Its a blast to see multiple copies of my book all in one place.  I assume the only thing better will to see that many copies of my book disappear to potential readers.  So far my friends and family have been amazingly supportive.  I have books in multiple cities and even states already.  I am sending one to Canton, New York tomorrow.  I have never even been to Canton, New York.  That’s cool.

Thanks to everyone!!


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Exciting Stuff


As a beer fan, I have a lot of favorite beers, but now I have two very favorite breweries as well.  The Mighty Mo in Great Falls and Triple Dog in Havre have taken a leap on this newly published writer and allowed me to do book signings on what I hope can become a great Books and Brews tour.

I am having serious anxiety about signing my name.  I haven’t practiced my autograph since I gave up my NBA dreams like 20 years, or maybe 20 minutes, ago.  Regardless of my signature concerns, I am thrilled to get the chance to get my books to people in Great Falls and back home on the Hi-Line.  The fact that I get to enjoy a frosty beverage with old friends and new just make it that much better.  Add the fact that I am giving some of the proceeds to Project Semicolon and its hard to find a way to get me any more pumped up.

If I had my dream, I would hit a brewery a week.  I’d sell some books and become a microbrew experts. Two bucket list items crossed off at the same time.

Thanks for reading the old bloggeroo.  Hope to see everyone December 21 at the Mighty Mo or December 22 at Triple Dog!